Roasted Calabrian Figs Wrapped in Fig Leaves - 8.8 oz


Roasted figs from Cosenza, Calabria, wrapped in fig leaves, and formed into a ball shape is a traditional Calabrian way of preserving the indigenous dottato figs, which have tender skins and soft seeds.  Absolutely magnificent on a salume or cheese board. Unwrap the whole fig ball or slice in half, remove the fig leaf and serve!


    The region of Calabria sits at the "toe" of the Italian boot, swaddled by the crystal blue water of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. Home to several National parks, the terrain here spans the gamut from warm beaches to dense forrest to high mountain vistas -- diversity that deeply influences the local cuisine. In Calabria, fresh vegetables, pasta, red meats and seafood make for a distinctive medley that draws on the best of Italian food tradition.