Caramelized Grilled Onions - 10 oz


Packed in white wine vinegar, these grilled Castellino caramelized onions will make your salad extra special. Made with sweet Borettane onions. Serve them whole to added grilled flavors to an antipasto platter or add them to your favorite recipe. 


    Swaddled by the Apennine Mountains and Adriatic Sea, Le Marche is characterized by sandy alcoves, impressive limestone cliffs and medieval villages. Featuring fare from mountains, farmland and the sea, Marchigiano cuisine is as diverse as it is flavorful.


    Shortly after moving his family liquor business from Rome to San Severino Marche, Vincenzo Lombardo was approached by several local farmers asking if he would like to sell their olives. The partnership was a fruitful one and Castellino soon blossomed into one of the most successful olive producers in all of Marche. Castellino olives and olive oils retain Vincenzo's home-grown spirit to this day, providing a flavorful experience for the whole family.

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