Alcohol-Free Bellini Cipriani - 4 pack (4 x 6.09 fl. oz.)



This non-alcohol White Peach Puree and soda is perfect on its own as a refreshing beverage or can be transformed into the world-famous Cipriani Bellini by adding sparkling wine. Try pairing with gin, vodka or white rum and it becomes a fruit based cocktail perfect for any season of the year.

In creating what was to become known as the Bellini cocktail in 1948, Giuseppe Cipriani was once again inspired by a painter, the fifteenth century Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini. Peaches were in abundance throughout Italy from June through September, and he had a predilection for the white ones. So much so, in fact, that he kept wondering whether there was a way to transform this magic fragrance into a drink he could offer at Harry’s Bar.


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