Amarena Cherry Panettone - 2.2 lb


Fabbri, producer of the world famous Amarena Cherries in syrup, has collaborated with Brera Milano 1930 to craft this delicious, light, rich and moist panettone chocked full of Fabbri amarena cherries.  Beautifully hand wrapped with a rustic paper decorated with the iconic Fabbri colors.


    The Lombardy region and its principal city of Milan serve as Italy's art and fashion capital. Spanning over varied landscapes from the Swiss Alps to the Po Valley, Lombard cuisine is appreciably different from its counterparts to the south, featuring buttery and meaty dishes more common to Central Europe than the Mediterranean region.


    Gennaro Fabbri and his wife Rachele first made their famous candied cherries over 100 years ago. Their unique creation has now become a beloved tradition, enjoyed by families in Italy and beyond. Today, the Fabbri family continues to experiment with new flavors and ingredients, while remaining true to Gennaro and Rachele's original recipe.
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