Soft Almond Torrone - 7.05 oz.


Chock full of almonds, this torrone is more nuts than nougat. Delicate and soft, not overly sweet nougat from the Flamigni family will be a favorite this holiday season.  Treat yourself or makes the perfect sweet gift or stocking stuffer.


    On the northern edge of the Apennines is the region of Emilia-Romagna. The region enjoys a rich and ancient history, accentuated by the vibrant capital city of Bologna. The spiritual home of parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and traditional aged balsamic vinegar, Emilia-Romagna is home to some of Italy's most treasured culinary traditions.



    The founders, the Flamigni brothers Armando, Lieto and Aurelio, opened a pastry and coffee shop in Saffi Square in Forlì in 1930. A few years later they had already opened other shops in nearby towns and almost all travelers coming from the North to the Adriatic coast were stopping by.  By the mid 70's, inspired by Marco Buli, son-in-law of one of the founders, began the expansion of production, but never increasing volume at the sacrifice of quality.  Nougat (Torrone) was and became the flagship product for Flamigni. Today, Marco Buli, his daughter Renata, and his son Massimo all play an important role for the company.