Traditional Panettone - 2.2 lb



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Pastry chef Anna Belmattino of Forno Gentile prides herself on using the highest quality ingredients, without any preservatives.  The Gentile Panettone is a rich and decadent cake with the finest candied orange and lemon peels and raisins.  It's no surprise that this panettone was awarded 2nd place for the "Best Artisan Panettone" in 2020 by Gambero Rosso

Anna says, “The preparation of my Panettone is developed in essential steps: a first dough that rises for twelve hours, a second dough that involves passing into baking cups and a further eight hours of leavening.  Fundamental to the panettone is the goodness of the mother yeast, which I treat and nourish every single day of the year… the recipe is important, but the mother yeast is more.” The starter is a whopping 150 years old!


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