Mostarda d'Uva - 7.7oz


Il Mongetto Mostarda d'Uva is a harvest chutney, made by slow-boiling Barbera grapes, pears, figs, quince, pumpkin, and nuts in a copper pot to create an intensely concentrated flavor. This Piedmontese delicacy, historically a poor man's food, is traditionally served with polenta, cheeses, or meats. It's so astonishingly flavorful that you'll soon be experimenting with everything! Try it on vanilla ice cream for a unique flavor experience.


    In the early 1980s, Roberto Santopietro stumbled upon a book of his grandmother "Nonna's" favorite recipes. Soon Roberto's kitchen was full to the brim with grape chutney, prunes, apricots and peaches in syrup and marmalades. Word of his wonderful creations soon spread throughout the Alessandria and beyond — and before long, Roberto was receiving calls from restauranteurs in Turin, Milan and Venice. Today Il Mongetto products are enjoyed throughout Italy, all distinguished by grandma Nonna's special touch.