100% Caninese Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Lazio)


A bold, rustic olive oil made from 100% Caninese olives from the Colli Etruschi Cooperative in the Etruscan town of Blera, just north of Rome. This is an intense fruity olive oil with a peppery finish and a tannin-like mouth sensation. Impressive in its versatility, Colli Etruschi adds rustic green olive flavor to antipasti, pasta and vegetable dishes, and both white and red meat main dishes. It has several regional and national awards to its credit. There's nothing more satisfying than a bowl of hot pasta tossed with Colli Etruschi and a generous amount of grated parmigiano or pecorino cheese!

    There's more to this central Italian region than the iconic ruins of Rome -- ancient villages abound in its lush countryside, and port towns on the Tyrrhenian sea hold a fascinating history of their own. Lazio is famed for its pork products, and its celebrated dishes include guanciale and spaghetti alla carbonara.


    The Colli Etruschi cooperative houses over 40,000 olive trees, situated on 2000 acres of fertile soil in northern Lazio. Specializing in the local Caninese cultivar, the cooperative is renowned for both the quality of its oils and careful stewardship of its land.

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