Ubriaco di Raboso


La Casearia Ubriaco di Raboso is made from cow's milk and is soaked in Raboso wine from Veneto. The cheese is aged for a total of 12 months. Underneath Ubriaco di Raboso's deep violet-hued rind lies a semi-hard, pale yellow paste with small make holes scattered throughout. Aromas of red wine, with flavors of blackberry and sour cherry, finishing with a spicy, yet mild tang.

    There's more to this region than the snaking waterways and Byzantine mosaics of the capital -- Venetian cuisine is also a wealth of splendid surprises. From snackable cicchetti to savory rice and polenta, the food here is packed with flavor.


    Antonio Carpenedo inherited La Casearia Carpenedo from his father, carrying on a generations-old tradition of cheesemaking in the family. With this responsibility in mind, he resolved never to waver from his ancestors' roots, producing cheese in the original, traditional fashion. Antonio's dedication to craft is matched only by his zeal to innovation, a trait that has led to unique cheeses such as the renowned "L'Ubriaco."
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