Rosemary and Sage Bruschette - 5.3oz

Ditalia | SKU: BBC-118

Lazzaroni Rosemary and Sage Bruschette (plural for bruschetta) is a staple base for a simple and satisfying Italian snack or meal. The history behind bruschette is rooted deep in the traditions of old world farmers, who browned sliced bread, rubbed it with fresh garlic, and liberally drizzled it with first pressed olive oil, salt, and pepper. Lazzaroni adds aromatic rosemary and sage to give this classic a new twist. In your kitchen, Lazzaroni Bruschette provides the base for any number of toppings. Bruschetta can begin a meal as an appetizer, just right for a quick late-night snack topped with a bit of pasta sauce, or can be served as the main course of a casual dinner.

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