Pecorino Romano


The Locatelli family began producing Pecorino Romano cheese over 500 years ago in the Lazio region of Italy. Today, Locatelli Pecorino Romano is considered to be one of the finest Pecorino Romano's available. Hand-crafted from 100% pure sheep's milk, and aged over 9 months at a minimum. The result is a spicy and sharp, dry cheese that is perfect for grating. We like to cut up some small pieces and enjoy it as a snacking cheese, accompanied with traditional Italian antipasti and even artisan Italian honey and compotes.


    There's more to this central Italian region than the iconic ruins of Rome -- ancient villages abound in its lush countryside, and port towns on the Tyrrhenian sea hold a fascinating history of their own. Lazio is famed for its pork products, and its celebrated dishes include guanciale and spaghetti alla carbonara.


    The Locatelli family has been producing Pecorino Romano cheese for over 200 years. Through an unwavering commitment to tradition and craft, Locatelli is able to deliver a product of unrivaled quality. Carried by fine restaurants, supermarkets, and delicatessens, Locatelli has earned the trust of cheese lovers the world over.

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