Organic Arrabbiata Spicy Sauce - 12 oz


A mildly spicy organic sauce made with freshly hand-picked organic tomatoes and fresh ingredients from the Mariangela Prunotto farms in Alba (Italy).  Each batch of sauce is made with 100% organic ingredients and contains no sugar or concentrate.


    The Piedmont region sits at the foot of the alps, bordering France and Switzerland. Its soaring mountains and rolling plains are home to some of Italy's most beloved cuisine, from egg-rich pastas to rich, salty cured meats. While food culture here is rooted in tradition, new and exciting variations are always just around the corner.


    In 1922, Alfredo Prunotto decided to risk his life savings on acquiring a struggling co-operative winery in Alba. Almost a century later, the Prunotto estate is one of Alba's leading organic farms, producing not only delicious wine, but also tomatoes, legumes, and sweet jams.