Orange Blossom - 10.58 oz


Rigoni di Asiago's Organic Orange Blossom honey is collected from bee colonies in Calabria and Sicily, two coastal towns full of fragrant orange trees. This honey has a delicate, crystalized texture with subtle notes of sugared almonds and orange peel. Rigoni di Asiago bottles their honey raw to preserve natural flavors and nutrients. It is well suited for a breakfast spread or to sweeten tea.


    There's more to this region than the snaking waterways and Byzantine mosaics of the capital -- Venetian cuisine is also a wealth of splendid surprises. From snackable cicchetti to savory rice and polenta, the food here is packed with flavor.


    Shortly after the close of the WWI, Nonna Elisa Rigoni determined to honor her late-husband's love of beekeeping by producing honeys to be enjoyed by her friends and neighbors in Asiago. Over the years her children and grandchildren became involved in the family business, branching first into delicious fruit preserves and later to hazelnut and chocolate spreads. Every Rigoni product is made with the utmost care from ingredients native to Asiago. We invite you to join us in experiencing the flavors of this beautiful region!

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