Organic Gigli Toscani - 17.6 oz


Gigli Toscani, sometimes referred to as Campanelle, are rolled into a cone shaped flower with a ruffled edge. Many Italian and Tuscan recipes specifically call for gigli toscani. Served traditionally in Tuscany with venison ragu, it's also a good pairing for creamy sauces and vegetable based sauces. Also great for baked pasta recipes.


    The Tuscan reputation for fine cuisine is well deserved. In addition to stunning renaissance art and architecture, beautiful rolling landscapes and coastal retreats, this fertile region of central Italy is also home to some of the country's best wine, olives, fresh vegetables and savory meats.


    The Sogno Toscano farm in Bolgheri, Italy has been in operation since 1923. Almost a century of experience has taught us the value of patience, stewardship, and attention to detail. We believe you'll taste this difference in every drop of our locally-grown olive oils.