Sunday Sugo Gift Box | Set of 3

Ditalia | SKU: GBX-132

Sunday's for our family was about pasta and sugo "sauce".  Keeping the tradition alive, here is one of our favorite cuts of pasta, paired along side a traditional Abruzzese sugo and Frantoio D'Orazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil for finishing.
  • Ditalia

    DITALIA has been curating fine Italian food since 1987. Through family and friends back in Italy, we've met hundreds of individuals dedicated to the craft of traditional Italian cuisine. It is our pleasure to share their products and their stories with you.
  • Frantoio D'Orazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Puglia)
    Colorful and expressive, the artisans at Frantoio D'Orazio have created a classic extra virgin olive oil of Puglia! Using colors and patterns that evoke imagery of the Puglia region, the tin complements the vibrantly grassy and herbaceous D'Aragona extra virgin olive oil perfectly.

    Benedetto Cavalieri Casarecci Pasta
    Hailing from Sicily, Casarecci pasta is cut in short wide strips and loosely rolled like a scroll. The shape makes this classic Italian Casarecci perfect for capturing every drop of sauce. Benedetto Cavalieri's Casarecci pasta is passed through bronze dies, and is slow dried for a perfect texture and nutty flavor.

    Casina Rossa Abruzzese Sauce
    A classic Abruzzo red sauce by Casina Rossa, made from fresh tomatoes, oregano, garden vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil. Pairs well with roasted meats and can be the foundation for sauces of all types.

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