Marinara Tomato Sauce - 19.4 oz



Italianavera's Marinara sauce is a natural, simple, and flavorful addition to any meal. Crafted with the finest tomatoes from Campania and infused with wild oregano, this sauce boasts a robust and distinctive taste. Ideal for dressing pasta or enhancing the flavor of a pizza, Marinara's simple yet bold flavor profile also makes it a great choice for seasoning meats as a second course.

Handmade and slow-cooked in small batches, Italianavera sauces exemplify the art of traditional Italian cooking. Using only the freshest, natural ingredients, each jar of sauce is a testament to quality and authenticity. Founded by Diana Attianese in the San Marzano DOP area, Italianavera is dedicated to preserving her family's passion and tradition. By combining San Marzano tomatoes with other local varieties, Diana creates sauces that offer fresh, pure flavors and are beautifully packaged, ensuring that every meal is a taste of Italy.


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