Villa Reale Salted Capers

Italian caper buds picked from wild plants and preserved in salt. Used to enrich many main and side dishes. Also, many sauces. Adds a delicious briny flavor.


Bottega DITALIA USDA Certified Balsamic Vinegar

When we went to the home of balsamic in Modena, Italy, we discovered a unique Organic Balsamic. It starts with grapes grown in an organic-only field and is made with 80% Trebbiano grape must and 20% aged Lambrusco red wine vinegar. The result ... a versatile balsamic that balances subtle acidity and traditional balsamic body.


Bottega Ditalia Chocolate-Covered Amarena Cherries

Big, tart, luscious and extremely flavorful Italian Amarena cherries from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy are surrounded in a rich syrup made from the juice of the cherries and then encased in smooth premium dark chocolate.


Le Dolcezze di Nanni Pistachio Cantuccini

These crisp, crunchy, twice-baked cookies are a Tuscan specialty. For the authentic experience, dip cantucci in sweet vin santo wine.


Tre Casi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The La Plena, Giaimo, and Zito families have made olive oil in the mountains of Madonie, Sicily for centuries. Their Olio Tre Casi is made from the rare U Crastu olive, which grows only on the cliffs of Madonie.


Casina Rossa Bucatini Pasta 

Bucatini is a classic cut of pasta from the Central part of Italy, but used throughout all of the regions now. Made with all natural Pugliese durum wheat and suggested for use with red sauces.


Di Cuonzo of Puglia Orecchiette

One of our favorite cuts of pasta here at DITALIA, orecchiette "little ears", is a typical shape of pasta used in the Puglia region. Made by the family-owned and operated DiCuonzo, in the city of Barletta, Puglia


Riso Margherita Carnaroli

Widely perceived as "the king of rice," these superfine carnaroli grains are some of the best in quality and versatility. Excellent as an accompaniment, or as the star of the show in a creamy risotto, this rice is sure to impress!


Casina Rossa Puttanesca Sauce 

Small batches of lush, ripe Italian tomatoes are lightly pureed and blended with extra virgin olive oil and the highest quality puttanesca ingredients: olives, capers, 100% Italian pinenuts, and raisins.


Casina Rossa Abruzzo Piccante Hot Pepper Sauce

Southern Italian classic. Lightly salted and packed with the flavors of fruit, tomato, and hot red pepper. Suggested for pasta dishes, cooked greens, and meat sauces.


Agostino Recca Anchovies

Agostino Recca, from Sciacca, Sicily, has become one of the most reliable producers of anchovies now being imported into the United States. These anchovies are packed in pure olive oil to retain the highest level of flavor and texture.


Fabbri Amarena Cherries in Syrup

These luscious dark red, tart cherries are from the Emilia-Romagna province. Lovingly packaged swimming in a rich syrup made from their own juices, they are fantastic spooned over ice cream or sponge cake, but you might catch yourself eating them straight from their glass jar.


Casina Rossa 6-piece Salt Stack

A perfect gift and also a perfect addition to any pantry. Award-winning Truffle & Salt, plus Fennel & Salt, Saffron & Salt, Fiori & Salt, Porcini & Salt, and Herb & Salt, in an elegant, eye-catching package. An excellent introduction to one of the world's finest lines of artisan salts.


Tosteria di Modena "Sublime Time" Espresso Beans

Antica Tosteria di Modena's "Sublime Time" features 100% wood-roasted Arabica beans from Central America, Central Africa, and the Horn of Africa. Roasted in Modena, this special arabica blend has a delicate acidity with floral tones and a spicy aftertaste.