Amy Riolo Selections Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Calabria) - 17 oz



Hailing from 100% Carolea olives, this exquisite oil is dedicated to the roots of her Calabrian homeland. Carefully crafted by the award-winning Tenute Cristiano, this premium extra-virgin olive oil offers a Mediterranean mosaic of aromas including tomatoes and wild vegetables accompanied by sensations of black pepper which characterize the unique and intense flavor. Its texture is very fluid and harmonious while Its taste is round and full ending in notes of almonds and citrus.

Chef Amy is proud of its extremely low acidity and significant polyphenol content which are indicators of the quality and health-boosting bioactive compounds found in the oil. She pairs it with all genuine Mediterranean dishes – from simple tomato sauce and salads to more complex pasta, seafood, and meat recipes. She also swaps it out for butter in her baking recipes. This premium extra-virgin olive oil is a gift for both your health and your palate.


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