Cruschelle Cookies - 24.6oz


Balocco's Cruschelle cookies are whole-wheat shortbread biscuits with 6% fiber. Goodness, well-being and naturalness in a single biscuit with a distinct flavor. Enjoy with an espresso, breakfast, or with a fresh glass of milk.


    The Piedmont region sits at the foot of the alps, bordering France and Switzerland. Its soaring mountains and rolling plains are home to some of Italy's most beloved cuisine, from egg-rich pastas to rich, salty cured meats. While food culture here is rooted in tradition, new and exciting variations are always just around the corner.


    By the time he opened his own patisserie in 1923, Francesco Antonio Balocco had spent over ten years apprenticing with Italy's most respected pastry chefs. Bar Pasticceria Balocco quickly gained a reputation for making the best Panettone and Mandorlato in all of Piedmont, and today the Balocco family continues to honor Francesco's love of craft in everything they make.