MammaMia Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Lazio) - 17 oz


In the Viterbo region of Lazio, Italy, five olive growers combined years of expertise to create MammaMia Grand Cru, their ideal extra virgin olive oil. Attentiveness is the true hallmark of this limited edition extra virgin olive oil, made under the supervision of Colli Etruschi. With dynamic notes of balsamic, mint, and almond, this olive oil is sure to become the star of your kitchen.


    There's more to this central Italian region than the iconic ruins of Rome -- ancient villages abound in its lush countryside, and port towns on the Tyrrhenian sea hold a fascinating history of their own. Lazio is famed for its pork products, and its celebrated dishes include guanciale and spaghetti alla carbonara.


    The Colli Etruschi cooperative houses over 40,000 olive trees, situated on 2000 acres of fertile soil in northern Lazio. Specializing in the local Caninese cultivar, the cooperative is renowned for both the quality of its oils and careful stewardship of its land.

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