Chickpea Flour - 28.2 oz



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Sourced from the fertile Tuscan fields of Martino Rossi, the chickpeas are carefully cultivated and transported directly from our dedicated facility in Tuscany, where the initial processing takes place, ensuring that you experience the purest flavors and finest texture in every bag.

What sets Martino Rossi Chickpea Flour apart is the journey it undertakes before it reaches your kitchen. The chickpeas are meticulously selected and undergo a process that preserves their natural richness and authenticity. The result is a flour that is not only versatile but also packed with the wholesome goodness of chickpeas. Perfect for gluten-free cooking, this flour is an ideal choice for creating a wide range of dishes, from savory socca and farinata to delectable chickpea pancakes and more. With Martino Rossi Chickpea Flour, you can embark on a culinary adventure that pays homage to the Tuscan tradition and brings the flavors of Italy to your table, elevating your cooking to new heights of taste and authenticity.


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