Assorted Sicilian Almond Paste and Regional Cookies in Gift Tin - 1.65 lbs



Elevate your gifting experience with Peluso's 1964 Almond Paste, Moretti, and Canestrini Cookies elegantly presented in a beautifully decorated gift tin adorned with Sicilian color motifs. These cookies, meticulously crafted with a timeless touch, offer a delightful trio of flavors, combining the velvety richness of almond paste with the crispy perfection of Moretti and Canestrini cookies. With each bite, you'll embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Sicily, experiencing the heritage and warmth of Italian confectionery. The stunning gift tin not only houses these delectable treats but also represents the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean, making it an ideal present for any occasion, and a true embodiment of the art of Italian indulgence.


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