Pistachio Chocolate Glazed and Pistachio Cream Filled Panettone - 1.65 lbs



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This Italian delicacy, handcrafted by the renowned Pennisi family, is a true work of art. It exudes a captivating aroma and offers a sumptuous blend of flavors, with pistachio-studded perfection beneath a sweet glaze. Every slice is a journey through the heart of Sicily, a testament to time-honored traditions, and a delightful addition to your table, making it the perfect centerpiece for celebrations or a thoughtful gift that embodies the spirit of Italy.

It's a luxurious expression of Sicilian hospitality, radiating the sunshine and sweetness of the Mediterranean. Whether enjoyed in the company of loved ones or presented as a token of appreciation, the Dolceria Siciliana Pennisi Almond Glazed Classic Panettone Cake is a sublime delight that captures the essence of Sicilian heritage in every delectable bite.


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