Pasta Recipe: Orecchiette with Shrimp and Tomatoes

Looking to dive into a new pasta dish full of flavor? Easy to make and relatively quick, this shrimp and tomato pasta recipe will soon become one of your favorites.

For this recipe, we chose to go with an orecchiette pasta. Orecchiette, or "little ears", is a shape of pasta from the region of Puglia, Italy. It's delicate form makes it the perfect sauce and condiment- gripping pasta.  Di Cuonzo of Puglia, the producer of the orecchiette is based in the small commune of Barletta. Di Cuonzo personally selects every batch of flour used in their pastas, from traditional semolina to their specialty farina arsa, ensuring unrivaled quality and exceptional flavor.

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Shrimp and Tomato Pasta


Orecchiette - 500g (1.1 lbs)

Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4-5 tbsp (plus a little extra for finishing)

Chopped Flat leaf (Italian) Parsley ½ cup

Calabrian Peppers or crushed red pepper  (3 peppers or ½ tsp red pepper)

Capers in Salt ¼ cup

Villa Reale Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Medium Shrimp (Peeled & Deveined) 1 lb

Garlic Cloves -8 or so  (Sliced)

Breadcrumps 3/4 cup

Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese

Lemon  cut into wedges

Dry White Wine (Pinot Grigio) 


Serves 4  (As a Main Course)


  1. Pre heat Oven to 450F
  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil -add enough salt until the water "tastes like the sea."
  3. Put capers in a small boil and cover with water to extract some of the salt, then drain once added.
  4. Season bread crumbs w salt & black pepper.  Toss the shrimp with a tablespoon olive oil, and season lightly with salt;  add the breadcrumbs to coat the shrimp evenly. Lay the shrimp on a lightly oiled sheet pan, and put in the oven
  5. Add pasta to the boiling water, and return to a boil.  The Orecchiette cooks in about 12 minutes.  
  6. Put the Shrimp in the oven
  7.  Add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil & sliced garlic to a large skillet or pot and saute over medium low heat.  After a few minutes, add the chopped semi dried tomatoes, Calabrian peppers, capers, parsley and cook a few more minutes (w/o letting the garlic get too brown.)   Add the white wine, and reduce by half. Once reduced, add 1 cup pasta water and simmer, to develop a rich, flavorful sauce. Continue to add water as necessary until pasta is ready.
  8. When the pasta is ready, add the cherry tomatoes to the skillet and add the pasta.  Continue to cook and coat the pasta in the sauce-stirring continuously until the shrimp are ready.  Do not let the pasta & sauce get to dry; as being rather liberal with the pasta water will yield a velvety sauce without the use of butter.
  9. When the shrimp are lightly browned, and cooked thoroughly, determine if the pasta is at the right consistency:  If it’s soupy, turn up heat, or add more pasta cooking water if dry. Turn off the heat to the skillet and add the grated Pecorino cheese, along with a tablespoon or two of olive oil, and stir everything one last time.
  10. Plate the pasta in warmed bowls or plates in a mound, add a little more cheese and oil (if you like).  Place the shrimp on the pasta along with a little squeeze of lemon on the shrimp.
  11. Mangia and enjoy!


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