Classic Panettone with Candied Fruit and Raisins - 2.2 lb



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Experience the timeless delight of Loison's Classic Panettone, a testament to the rich Italian confectionery tradition. This naturally leavened sweet bread, distinguished by its iconic cross-cut top, is the embodiment of artisanal craftsmanship. The golden, velvety sponge is generously adorned with plump sultanas and fragrant candied peel sourced from the sunny orchards of Sicilian Oranges and the renowned Diamante citron from Calabria. Every bite of this classic panettone carries the essence of Italy's finest ingredients and a 72-hour artisanal process that ensures an incredibly soft, indulgent texture.

Loison's commitment to preserving the Italian culinary heritage shines through in this masterpiece, where the sweet raisins and aromatic candied peel harmonize seamlessly to deliver a symphony of flavors. Whether enjoyed on its own, toasted, or as a part of your favorite dessert, our Classic Panettone is a celebration of tradition, quality, and pure indulgence that will elevate your holiday festivities and everyday moments alike.


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