100% Arabica Espresso Beans - 17.6 oz



Savor the rich complexity of Caffè Trucillo 100% Arabica, a blend that brings together the finest coffee beans from Colombia, Honduras, and Africa. Cultivated at altitudes exceeding 1,500 meters, these beans develop a unique flavor profile marked by hints of chocolate, vanilla, and toasted almonds. Delicate floral and fruity aromas complement the sweet, fragrant, and well-balanced taste, culminating in an intense and aromatic espresso experience.

Crafted for the discerning coffee enthusiast, Caffè Trucillo 100% Arabica undergoes a gentle drum roasting process to ensure optimal flavor extraction and preservation. With flavor notes reminiscent of honey, spices, and fruits, each cup offers a harmonious blend that is both indulgent and refined. Whether enjoyed as a morning ritual or a moment of relaxation, this exclusive blend promises a premium coffee experience that rivals those found in upscale restaurants.


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