"Espresso Speaks Italian" Espresso Cup and Saucer Set of 6



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Discover the "Espresso Speaks Italian" Collection by Caffè Trucillo, featuring iconic Italian gestures on their espresso cups. This collection celebrates the rich culture of coffee in Italy, where gestures convey meanings ranging from danger to happiness. Inspired by artist-designer Bruno Munari's work, these cups showcase gestures like "what do you want?" and "perfect," adding a playful touch to the coffee experience.

Caffè Trucillo, a historic roasting company from Salerno celebrating its 70th anniversary, pays homage to Italian coffee culture with this collection. Each cup in the collection is adorned with messages from everyday Italian gestures, reflecting the passion, authenticity, and generosity synonymous with Italian espresso rituals. Experience the language of the hands with each sip, a testament to the deep-rooted coffee culture that Italy shares with the world.


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