Fabbri Candied Amarena Cherry Demi Panettone - 17.6 oz



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Elevate your holiday gifting and festive celebrations with Flamigni's Demi-Panettone featuring the delectable Fabbri candied amarena cherries. Straight from the picturesque town of Forlì in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, this exceptional Italian panettone is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Unlike traditional panettone, this demi-panettone is a delightful twist, generously studded with succulent Fabbri candied amarena cherries, known for their sweet and tart notes that perfectly complement the fluffy, buttery panettone. This culinary masterpiece is lovingly wrapped in clear cellophane and elegantly tied with a ribbon, presenting itself not just as a delectable treat but also a delightful gift option that will impress and delight recipients, embodying Flamigni's commitment to creating memorable moments.

Fabbri, producer of the world famous Amarena Cherries in syrup, has collaborated with Muzzi Tommaso 1913 to create this delicious, light, rich and moist panettone chocked full of candied Fabbri Amarena cherries.  Beautifully hand wrapped with a rustic paper decorated with the iconic Fabbri colors.


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