Soft Wheat Flour "Farina" 00 - 2.2lb


Granoro Farina "00" is the prefered Italian flour for bread, focaccia, pizza, and cakes. This flour also makes excellent homemade pasta dough. This super-soft flour is the choice for many bakers throughout Italy and the world. Made in Italy of soft wheat flour type 00.


    Himself the the son of avid pasta-makers, Attilio Mastromauro opened Granoro pasta shop in 1967. Attilio designed his own factory from the ground up, specifying that each minute detail meet his exact standards. His vision was to devise a new method of pasta making — one that created less waste, sealed in more flavor, and allowed for careful inspection at every step. Attilio is still at the helm of the company today, joined by his daughters Marina and Daniela. Together they hope to continue the Granoro tradition for generations to come.