Chef Amy Riolo

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with Chef Amy Riolo! Chef Amy is an award-winning, best-selling author, chef, tv personality, and Mediterranean diet advocate. We connected with her instantly on her love for food, specifically high-quality, well-made ingredients. With this, we began offering her very own extra virgin olive oil and curated a gift box of her classic Italian favorites! 


Behind The Olive Oil

Chef Amy Riolo’s privately-labelled Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Fatttoria Italiana Martelli – an award-winning, fourth generation family-owned estate in Italy’s Abruzzo region, where she leads culinary tours.

"To me, olive oil is much more than my favorite food product to work with and recommend, it is liquid gold - brimming with tradition, history, lore, and nutrition. It's a common bond that unites the people of the entire Mediterranean region not only to each other, but also to the world at large.

- Chef Amy Riolo

Amy's selection is an artisan-blend containing three cultivars – predominately the Gentile di Chieti and the Intosso (which is indigenous only to Abruzzo) varieties, with a touch of the Leccino variety as well. The careful blending of these olives lends sweet, harmonious, and fruity characteristics to the flavor of the oil. Cold-extraction and natural filtration combined with its’ very low-acidity rate make this oil the perfect choice for both ultimate flavor and health benefits. The estate’s oils have won many Italian and international accolades.

This one-of-a-kind oil boasts notes of tomatoes, almonds, herbs, and artichokes. It pairs well with grilled and roasted meats, poultry and fish, tomato sauces, cooked vegetable dishes, salads, and a wide range of antipasti.

Amy Riolo Italian Specialty Food Gift Box

Amy Riolo Italian Primi Essentials Gift Box

“While teaching Mastering Italian Certification Cooking classes, and receiving feedback from my readers, I learned that it was hard to get top quality ingredients in supermarkets. Many of my followers would go from store to store to purchase the products needed to recreate my recipes. When the pandemic hit, shopping became more difficult and limited, so I wanted to create a one-stop solution for classic Italian favorites, and this collection was born.” 

- Chef Amy Riolo

Chef Amy Riolo is proud to introduce her personally curated selection of high-quality, artisan Italian products needed to make classic primi – first courses which are the backbone of the Italian kitchen. Make risotto, pasta, pizza, sauces, and appetizers like a pro with these premium products and Chef Amy’s recipes with step-by-step instructions.  Presented in Ditalia Gift Box.

Shop Amy Riolo Primi Essentials Gift Box 


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