3 Italian Burgers to Serve this Father’s Day

He calls himself the grill master. He can grill the perfect patty every time. But this Father’s Day, it’s your turn to fire up the grill and we are ready to share exactly how you can add that extra love to this year’s barbecue.

Spiedini Burger

Spiedini are an Italian favorite, often made for special occasions. Every Italian family has their own methodology of making these fan favorites, and this unique twist on the dish will leave them wanting more! This burger brings you the traditional spedini flavors from the breadcrumbs to the savory cheese.

What You Need:

5 oz beef patties seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder, eggs, breadcrumbs, Speck ProsciuttoAsiago Fresco Sundried Tomatoes, Artisan Style Rolls


Salsiccia Burger

Salsiccia is Italian sausage often served grilled alone, on a sandwich, or sliced up in pasta. Ditalia’s exclusive salsiccia is made with high quality pork, pecorino romano cheese, fennel, spices and wine.  Does your dad love salsiccia? This unique salsiccia burger will not disappoint.

What You Need:

Bottega Ditalia Salsiccia Patty (casing removed and formed into 5 oz patties), Grilled Peppers, Grilled Onions, Bottega Ditalia BalsamicArtisan Style Rolls



Pancetta Cheeseburger


Pancetta is often described as Italian bacon. It is perfectly salty, crispy when cooked, and pairs well in pasta, with vegetables, or wrapped around meat. Once you try this simple swap of ingredients from the classic bacon cheeseburger, you will not be able to go back.

What You Need:

5 oz Beef patties seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, Lovera’s Traditional CaciocaveraCrispy Volpi PancettaArtisan Style Rolls


Potato Wedges

Next to every perfect burger is the perfect side. These potato wedges are delicious and easy to make. Don’t forget to ditch the ketchup and surprise your dad with this spicy aioli made with nduja, originating from Calabria, Italy. 

What You Need:

Russet Potatoes, Salt and Pepper, Parmigiano Reggiano1 cup Mayo , 2 oz Salume Beddu Nduja

For the Wedges:

Preheat oven to 450*F. Cut your potatoes into wedges. Spray baking sheet with cooking oil. Place wedges 1 in apart on baking sheet. Place in Preheated oven for 17-20 minutes. When they turn golden brown, remove and add salt and pepper to liking. Top off by grating the Parmigiano Reggiano over the wedges. 

For the Nduja Aioli:

Mix 1 cup of mayonnaise with 2 oz of Salume Beddu Nduja.  Mix together.  Add more Nduja to taste.  Be careful, it can get hot quick!  Let sit for 30 minutes or longer before serving.


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